Founded in 1968 by two brothers, Douglas and Gil
Sarver, Paramount Die is today one of the world's
largest wire die companies and the leading wire
die company servicing the ferrous Wire Industry.
Long known as an industry innovator, Paramount
has introduced several products which have
become the wire industry standard. Paramount's
ParaLoc Pressure system has contributed greatly
to increasing drawing speeds and improving
productivity in the wire industry and is today the
most widely utilized pressure die system in the
world. Paramount's exchangeable carbide drawing
inserts have made mass production of wire dies
possible and have led to both increasing wire die
consistency and decreasing overall die cost. Today
more than 70% of ferrous wire companies either
utilize drawing inserts exclusively or utilize them
in part of their production. With eye on the future, Paramount continues to reinvent its wire die manufacturing processes introducing automation and “light's out” capability to nearly every production process.